Does your current software not meet your business needs? A customized application may be the Key

What is Customized Software Development?

Less Informatik always provide you the same friendly, can-do, responsive and professional service whether you are big or small, bluechip or even startup. We understand that your business needs to generate high-quality software development results to improve revenue, increase competition during the time of digital transformation. It is best to have a trustworthy partner to do this. 

Custom software development includes the production, creation, implementation, and maintenance of software for a particular range of users, functions, or organizations. The development of custom software is aim at tightly specified requirements. COTS aims for a broad range of qualifications, which allow it to be packaged, marketed, and distributed commercially.

Why does your organization need Customized Software Development?

The development of custom software is essential as it helps meet specific requirements cost-competitive with the purchase, maintenance, and modification of commercial software. 

Many of the benefits are:

Custom Software Development's Benefit

The custom software build quickly and productively to support processes without tinkering with or modifying COTS applications.

As an organization or a company grows and changes, custom software can grow. As part of their requirements list, designers and developers will predict potential needs. Both considerations may then be integrated into the program rather than incur costs by buying extra licenses or bundled service subscriptions

One of the commercial software’s key concerns is that it can work with new and conventional applications? If the answer is no, businesses face more investment in getting their current infrastructure to interact and run commercial applications. You can build custom apps to fit with your desired environment

You can make money with the development of custom software. Businesses that produce their software can, depending on the terms of the project, own the software and either license it or sell it to other organizations

Set your proactive, independent roadmap that doesn’t depend on another 3rd party roadmap. You can create your features that match your target customers in the market and give your business more significant competitive advantages and customer satisfaction. You do not need to wait and spend license and maintenance costs on standard applications to release what you need for your product

Why does your industries need to have Customized software applications?

Privacy: Most businesses collect and use personal and financial information. Industries such as banking, insurance, property, and health, to name only a few. When the information you gather gets into the wrong hands, it may destroy your customers. It could also ruin your business. You will need the right tools to meet business and consumer needs. Off-shelf software is a big target for hackers, and the data is compromised when you use it. Custom software will answer your strict requirements in terms of protection and privacy. 

Currently, many companies have no off-shelf applications that can satisfy their needs and speed up the workflow. Many examples include infrastructure, training, wellness, retail, and large-scale catering and food services. A custom app will put all the features into one location so that you can run efficiently.

 On the other hand, custom software is developed for a particular set of specifications, such as: 

  •  An online banking app built to satisfy the bank and its customers’ specific requirements. 
  •  Individual product development activities include application design, system optimization, and device management.
  •  Customized Software can help you to get an advantage over the competition with leading unique, satisfying features for the customer, which are built from your insight ideas and our high-quality software development service.  

Why Custom Software Development with Less Informatik AG?

Less Informatik AG offers high quality, affordable, and efficient software development services customized to your specific needs, budget, and timeframe. From easy configuration to complete app creation that meets your requirements and vision. Before we start to develop custom software service, we have software consultant to identify already existing solutions or build it which fit the customer situation

Unique company processes and transactions help or automate

Handle sector or company-related knowledge and data

Meet special conditions for privacy or protection

Facilitates integration of conventional systems and data

Replace or endorse existing technologies at a lower cost

Replace or assist in consolidating current efficiency approaches

Custom unique features make your business stand out of the market

Grow and adapt to changing needs

Software Development Expertise

Custom Web Application Development

Less Informatik offers cross-platform, functional corporate, and consumer-oriented web applications. Your web application works perfectly on every web browser and mobile browser.

Big Data and BI Solutions

Do you want to find the best solution for your company based on high volume data processing? By analyzing actions and measurements through data mining, we help you to drive business decisions.

Custom Mobile App Development

If you can not find an app that fits your needs, we can design an app for any mobile platform for you. Watch your new application or game take shape as we create it for you

Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services

Do you want to find the best solution for your company based on high volume data processing? By analyzing actions and measurements through data mining, we help you to drive business decisions.

How we do it

Understand your business

Talk to us about your requirements, the desired functionality, the methods, and software solutions we can develop for you. The program is sufficiently scalable and quickly adaptable along the way.

Required research

Our engineers review all hidden requirements and your existing codebase if you have one. To ensure the success of the project, we need to know your expectations and understand your current apps. This also ensures that the stage of development runs smoothly

Build an Effective Action Plan

At the end of this phase, Less Informatik AG works with you to create a development plan that meets your objectives, schedule, and business budget
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