Our all-in-one software empowers pension funds to have better service quality & minimize operational costs

What is the Pension Fund Management Software?

Pension fund administration needs a strategy for long-term sustained growth to maximize the return along with controlling risks and keeping track of market fluctuations. We spent over 3 decades on developing technology to improve managing high numbers of insurants, keep track of person related changes strategic forecast, asset assessment, market analysis market analysis and optimize performance. We bring comprehensive and flexible solutions for both collective and individual pension funds.

Pension fund managers will be under difficulty in dealing with enforcement requirements while demanding clients deserve 24/7/365 services. Moreover, growing investment revenues and the emphasis on fees are obstacles they are facing. In today’s rapidly changing financial marketplace, pension fund administrators need state-of-the-art, technically productive business solutions that generate measurable results. 

Less Informatik package is a custom-made, fully integrated solution that helps optimize the whole management of pension funds.


Adept as aging, with 30 years in services, VE2000 is the top-notch software of pension fund management. VE2000 allows pension funds to improve the management of their long-term financial journeys by keeping them completely advised.

It is fully integrated, web-based, and multi-functional for both common, semi-autonomous, or autonomous usage, including data processing, reporting, and analytics. The time-tested stability assures efficiency enhancement, security protection, and risk management.

Flexible solutions through high customizability of our software (the software changes to your processes not the process changes for the software)

Digitalisation through customized development on your processes (bring paper to digits)

Being accessible through internet modules from anywhere, responsive to frequent updates, and customizable with other functions, VE2000 is the pension fund administration software you are looking for.

“As a young and fast-growing foundation, we depend on having an efficient and stable IT tool in use for the administration and acquisition of insured persons. With VE2000 and the associated Internet module VE2000i this is excellently guaranteed. “

Bruno Marroni
Managing Director of the Swisscanto Flex Collective Foundation


VE2000 administration application

An powerful and flexible solution for autonomous and collective plan management 

VE2000 insurent direct access

DocBox and VE2000i  make it possible to automatically create specific documents and simply make them available to authorized Internet users.
There is also the option of using VE2000i as access for insured persons

VE2000i HR

Internet access for HR Office including DocBox for electronic delivery of documents

VE2000 insurent direct access  1e

Internet access for insured persons in the 1e for individual administration with the option of changing asset strategies yourself

VE2000 Features Highlight

  •  For autonomous and collective foundations
  •  Multi-tenant documents can be defined in Word
  •  Expandable with modules
  •  Simulation of the interest for the annual processing
  •  User-friendly workflow-oriented execution 
  •  Integrated claim processing (pension payments and transfer of benefits)
  •  Integrated multi-tenant foundation financial accounting (GAAP FER 26)
  •  Integrated reporting tool (reports can be defined yourself)
  •  Integrated powerful  plan management through with building blocks
  •  Accounts receivable management with integrated payment module according to ISO 20022 and dunning
  •  Multilevel user access management to the data
  •  Fully automated invoicing including dunning across the entire inventory
  •  Automatable daily, monthly and quarterly processing
  •  Latest QR Invoice technology also used by banks
  •  Open Architecture via API integration
  •  Preparation of electronic dispatch documents
  •  Tasks and pending administration, workflow
  •  Comprehensive task and pending administration and over 60 assistants
  •  Business Case base administration costs
  •  Closed document cycle using barcodes and dossier IDs
  •  Extensive simulation feature to calculate different scenarios

Detail Features

For a complete List of all Feature please download this document (link)

Why do you need to use Pension Fund Management with Less Informatik AG?

Enhancing the operational efficiency
Possessing smart solutions on the cutting edge technology, VE2000 rockets your pace

High Efficiency through high degree of automatisation

Speed ​​up system functions by automation, parallel processing, simultaneously management of users and data on a large number of volumes

Daily Task made easy through innovate and intuitive user interface: Can access from website

Minimize the risk of errors, faults generated from the traditional operation of more manual tasks

Save cost and resources from the inefficient operation and reallocate & invest more for innovative, creative activities

Digitalisation through customized development on your processes (bring paper to digits)

Maximum account security, database on encryption, and authorization

Stability through year long developing experience

Our safety policy includes the specifically built infrastructure which ensures the confidentiality of the personal and business data of our customers

Establish transparent and clear processes and data for customers

High-level stability of the system thanks to its seamless development and proven success in operation & for over 30 years

High extensibility through modular structure for extended functionality

VE2000 ensures safety, security, and transparency
The integrity and confidentiality of data information is a prerequisite for all services
Boosting the innovation of new opportunities
When the market changes, we adapt

VE2000 built for flexible adaptation and evolution

You can customize it to create advanced products & services based on the unique needs of your clients, perfecting your whole solution alongside inherent offerings

Flexible solutions through high customizability of our software

VE2000 provides different features, smart decentralization, modular structures that can easily extend with other functions as well as integrated into different systems

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